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Playing with Brushes

What to say about brushes? I like to play with brushes very much. Especially in an environment that provides the possibilities for brushes to be heard with all the subtle and colorful sounds. The important thing is to treat brushes differently than sticks. Unique techniques are needed to play brushes. Sweeping is the thing! Almost every brush expert developed his/her own techniques for brushes. In my brush book I managed to assemble many variations using my special technique.

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Inside the book:

This is the Volume 1 of the Brush Book: How to play drums with brushes. 
With this book you get to organize your strokes and sweeps in a technical and basic way while you learn to apply those into a musical setting - which is our essential goal. Most of this volume trains each hand separately and thoroughly since this is the only way to make all your moves on the drum clean and clear sounding. Both hands need to be equally strong, versatile and independent in order to perform rich and steady grooves. 

Here are some example pages out of the book: 

Table of Content

All the chapters included in the book.

Table of Content 2

All the chapters included in the book.

How to use this book 

Instructions on how to use various signs, notes, pictures and exercises in the book.


A typical page in the book includes title, description, tempo mark, note example, detailed pictures, instructions, chapter tabs, page number.  

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Others About the Brush Book

“The very best new book for brushes is by Gasper Bertoncelj reaching new heights derived from his experience playing brushes traveling over Europe playing only a snare drum and brushes. I heard Gasper play brushes on many occasions and he was by far the best I have heard from all the young drummers of 1999 until now. I recommend this book and suggest playing only with musicians and not play-along records.

Doug Hammond

With this book, Gasper has uncovered the true basics of brush playing that most professionals players have missed and that every beginner needs. And, he's laid it out with a level of clarity that no other brush book on the market has! A revolutionary brush book not to be missed!

Jeff Boudreaux

In "The Brush Book," Gasper Bertoncelj, through a clever notation system, detailed explanation and clear illustrations, has developed a clear, innovative, easy to grasp way of teaching brush playing. The techniques and motions contained are applicable to any musical style that calls for the use of brushes. I highly recommend this terrific new book!

Andy Watson